Friday, May 13, 2011

In My Absence

I have been a slacker lately... Do you really want to know the reason why?

The secret is out to most of our friends and family that I have not been feeling up to par the last few weeks.

It's a little early on but I just wanted to let you all know that the reason for my lack of blogging has been that we are expecting

BABY #2!

Yeah that's right and I feel sick, and I think our office smells bad so I have been avoiding it at all costs. In fact it smells so bad that I had to make myself pay the bills today...but who doesn't have to make themselves do that.

Oh and it's been lovely outside, warm and sunny without a cloud in the sky. My little guy and I have been going out for long walks in the morning and when I get home I have been needing a little nap (which is usually during Bubbies nap, which so happens to be when I normally blog).

And on top of it all I'm not quite sure where the camera charger is after the big move...and I haven't mustered up the energy to go looking for it...

But I promise, someday soon I will do a long awaited post on our new house and all the reasons why we like it.

But for now be patient with me...