Monday, January 13, 2014

These Long, Short Days of January

 Time moves so fast. I cant keep up. I'm not sure if I care too much to keep up with our life online with this blog. I know I have some dear family and friends who wish I would post more. I often think "I should blog this or that." Perhaps I will play a little catch up, perhaps not. I do have a computer to work with again so I may pick it up again. Often I struggle with my desire to have a beautiful blog for all to see and my desires to keep my children's life a private life and not an online life since they are not able to give their consent.

Things have been going well around here. Christmas came and went with ease and we received many wonderful high quality gifts. I love homemade or handmade treasures for my children and we were so blessed this year.

We had a birthday and a very special girly turned two! She got a tea set and the very next day I found these two troopers up to a tea party in the front window. It surprised me because I didn't guide them or prompt them and they knew just what to do. It was the sweetest thing.

Speaking of sweet things I have my very own sweet tart around here who is about to turn one! She is so quirky and loud and determined. I cant believe how much of a mover and shaker she is. She knows what she wants and makes everyone else know loud and clear. I love her so much and am so happy she is in our family.

We have been just enjoying our short cool days of winter playing and learning in the walls of our home. I have been wanting to post some of the activities we have been doing for preschool learning. Although to be honest, it is mostly me doing the activities and them being near me asking questions and doing other things of their interest. The days are getting longer and we are getting calmer since we got our puppy. Sorry I don't have any pictures of her, maybe next time!