Friday, December 31, 2010

A few last projects 2010

 A few years ago I made these stars for some Christmas decorations after seeing a image in a magazine of a living room with a wall of windows and a bunch of 7 point stars and Christmas lights all lit up.

 I decided this year that they were too crazy with the patterns (that I hand painted) so I took my trusty old can of spray paint too them. Since I will be putting everything away this weekend I decided it was the perfect time fix them. Ahh... its like starting new.

 Really, my reason for posting was because of a controversial issue around here. Yesterday I cranked out this slip cover for our (my husbands) ugly black office chair. I have always hated it but it did get a lot better when we had to take the arms off to fit it under the new/old desk we got in October. You know what I am talking about, the standard modern plastic and mesh computer chair.  When we got the desk we had the discussion of saving up for a classier leather chair since he will not let me get an antique oak one. In the end I asked him If I could make a slip cover for it. He said yes.

 Right as it started coming together after a full day of work I started to laugh a little because I think it looks good but I knew he was going to throw a fit over it. I had to run to the store and he beat me home so I missed his initial reaction. He did make sure to tell me thoroughly how much he hated it. He kept referring to it as his mother's lap.

 I do have to admit it does look a little over the top. I wasn't planning on it looking quite so girly. It looks especially silly when he is sitting on it. I told him I would make a new one. I think I have an idea of how it should look to make us both happy. Sometimes life is trial and error I guess.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Magic

We had a wonderful Christmas. I had so much fun making gifts this year and doing all of the preparation for the big day. I wanted to post some of the highlights of our Christmas morning.

This was our tree bright and early on Christmas morning. My husband was so excited he couldn't sleep. I every time I woke up in the night he was awake. I thought it was funny because he pretends to be such a ba-humbug. When 7:00 am rolled around he basically went in and woke Bubbie up. We then preceded to go sit in front of the tree. I thought we were going to sing a couple of songs but before I knew it Daddy had loaded up his little boy with his stocking.

Here he goes. We were so excited for Christmas this year because we thought he would get it and be exited about opening the presents. All month he has been dragging wrapped presents out from under the tree and trying to tear the paper and stomp on them. When the big day came he was only interested in his stocking. We ended up opening all of his presents for him.

I managed to snap this shot right before Bubbie opened his last and most exciting gift, his toy vacuum. I found out too late that there actually is little "toy" vacuums that work! This mound of gifts, boxes and paper took up our whole living room. It really is amazing how much stuff can fit under a Christmas tree.

Just for fun I have included this little video of how it has been since Christmas around here. I knew he would like his little dirt devil but I did not know he would be obsessed with it. On Christmas day he wouldn't even eat, he only vacuumed. He calls it a BADA. It really is too bad it is only a toy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet and Silly

My dear husband brought me home these lovely roses the other day. He never brings me flowers and I love them so much. One day, if we ever get a home or at least a place with a yard I am going to grow profuse amounts of all of my favorite flowers. So many in fact that I will have enough to cut and bring into every room and not feel guilty. Upon his arrival and seeing my smile he announced that he was turning over a new leaf. It was the sweetest thing.

On Saturday night we did a rare thing and got a sitter and went to the new Tron movie. It was my first ever 3D. Although I will admit that I hate high definition and am not that into visual fads and trends, this was the perfect movie to see 3D. The real world scenes were normal and the "inside the computer" scenes were 3D. It was really fun. Bubbie is always trying to grab my glasses and we decided to let him have a pair of our 3D glasses. His dad took the lenses out of them and it was really funny watching him dork it up. He must have learned from me. He is so silly.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We are getting ready for Christmas around here. In response to some very important requests I am attempting to show you our tree and other festivities in our home this year. I have been sewing up a storm and Bubbie has been helping in every way possible. Mostly he tries to re-arrange the ornaments on the tree to his liking. He has also helped eat a couple of cookies and tried to open some packages a little early.

A couple of years ago I made stockings for us. Bubbie wasn't born yet but we were expecting. I found some very particular fabric and sewed up two lovely stockings. It wasn't until the following Christmas that I realized that I should have done three. This year I made our little guy his stocking. Since I like things coordinated I made a few extra that match just in case. I hand stitched his initial.

Our apartment is so crammed and I have a hard time decorating since I don't like clutter and we have no table space to set stuff out. I started to use the top of our book shelves as a seasonal display area. The displays have to share with my antique dish collection. I think of it as my fake mantle.

I haven't been blogging as much as I thought I would because on top of taking care of Bubbie and making our gifts this year, I have been playing catch up on a few things that I have been meaning to make for us. One of those things was a tree skirt. I am so picky and one of the things I hate is how expensive Christmas decorations are especially nice tree skirts. For the amount of time it is displayed I don't think it is worth it to pay 30 or more dollars for one. I finally got one done for us and since we decorate the weekend after thanksgiving, I was working on it for most of November. I hand drew the nativity and cut them out. I am all about the applique.

Now all we need to do is get wrapping!