Friday, December 31, 2010

A few last projects 2010

 A few years ago I made these stars for some Christmas decorations after seeing a image in a magazine of a living room with a wall of windows and a bunch of 7 point stars and Christmas lights all lit up.

 I decided this year that they were too crazy with the patterns (that I hand painted) so I took my trusty old can of spray paint too them. Since I will be putting everything away this weekend I decided it was the perfect time fix them. Ahh... its like starting new.

 Really, my reason for posting was because of a controversial issue around here. Yesterday I cranked out this slip cover for our (my husbands) ugly black office chair. I have always hated it but it did get a lot better when we had to take the arms off to fit it under the new/old desk we got in October. You know what I am talking about, the standard modern plastic and mesh computer chair.  When we got the desk we had the discussion of saving up for a classier leather chair since he will not let me get an antique oak one. In the end I asked him If I could make a slip cover for it. He said yes.

 Right as it started coming together after a full day of work I started to laugh a little because I think it looks good but I knew he was going to throw a fit over it. I had to run to the store and he beat me home so I missed his initial reaction. He did make sure to tell me thoroughly how much he hated it. He kept referring to it as his mother's lap.

 I do have to admit it does look a little over the top. I wasn't planning on it looking quite so girly. It looks especially silly when he is sitting on it. I told him I would make a new one. I think I have an idea of how it should look to make us both happy. Sometimes life is trial and error I guess.


Marci said...

Love the stars! The slip cover isn't bad but I do understand what it is like to disagree with a man with different decorating taste!

Post said...

The tie on the back is great. I think it is funny your hobby dosn't like it.I don't think mine would either but it is such a good a idea.