Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Magic

We had a wonderful Christmas. I had so much fun making gifts this year and doing all of the preparation for the big day. I wanted to post some of the highlights of our Christmas morning.

This was our tree bright and early on Christmas morning. My husband was so excited he couldn't sleep. I every time I woke up in the night he was awake. I thought it was funny because he pretends to be such a ba-humbug. When 7:00 am rolled around he basically went in and woke Bubbie up. We then preceded to go sit in front of the tree. I thought we were going to sing a couple of songs but before I knew it Daddy had loaded up his little boy with his stocking.

Here he goes. We were so excited for Christmas this year because we thought he would get it and be exited about opening the presents. All month he has been dragging wrapped presents out from under the tree and trying to tear the paper and stomp on them. When the big day came he was only interested in his stocking. We ended up opening all of his presents for him.

I managed to snap this shot right before Bubbie opened his last and most exciting gift, his toy vacuum. I found out too late that there actually is little "toy" vacuums that work! This mound of gifts, boxes and paper took up our whole living room. It really is amazing how much stuff can fit under a Christmas tree.

Just for fun I have included this little video of how it has been since Christmas around here. I knew he would like his little dirt devil but I did not know he would be obsessed with it. On Christmas day he wouldn't even eat, he only vacuumed. He calls it a BADA. It really is too bad it is only a toy.


Marci said...

Looks like you guys had a fun morning! It is so cute how your little guy likes the vacuum! Gavin does too!

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

So cute. Thanks for being one of my Christmas Angels this year! You are wonderful.

mjderu said...

Hey Andrea I just wanted to say thank you so much for the christmas gifts. Jordan and I are really excited to use all of the goodies you made us!

lissalynn said...

looks like youve trained bubbie well... hopefully he will be a little helper when he's older too. your christmas tree is lovely. sounds like yall had fun!