Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet and Silly

My dear husband brought me home these lovely roses the other day. He never brings me flowers and I love them so much. One day, if we ever get a home or at least a place with a yard I am going to grow profuse amounts of all of my favorite flowers. So many in fact that I will have enough to cut and bring into every room and not feel guilty. Upon his arrival and seeing my smile he announced that he was turning over a new leaf. It was the sweetest thing.

On Saturday night we did a rare thing and got a sitter and went to the new Tron movie. It was my first ever 3D. Although I will admit that I hate high definition and am not that into visual fads and trends, this was the perfect movie to see 3D. The real world scenes were normal and the "inside the computer" scenes were 3D. It was really fun. Bubbie is always trying to grab my glasses and we decided to let him have a pair of our 3D glasses. His dad took the lenses out of them and it was really funny watching him dork it up. He must have learned from me. He is so silly.


Marci said...

Beautiful roses! Your little guy is such a cutie, even in silly glasses!

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Your roses are beautiful and I love the glasses picture.
I was just with you Saturday morning but I feel like it's been too long. Get better!