Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One more reason I love cloth diapers!

I decided a long time before we had our little guy that I was going to use cloth diapers. We had a few friends at the time who were using them and they showed us that it really was not that much of a hassle.

Some of the reasons that I already knew that made it worth it for us was...
1. easy on the pocket book
2. healthier on his little body parts
3. more comfortable for him
4. more aesthetic for me (there's nothing cuter than him with only his cloth diaper on)
5. they smell good, he doesn't smell like plastic diaper or like urine,
    and his poo smell isn't as strong
6. they smell and feel so good fresh out of the dryer
7. I'm a little bit of a traditionalist, I like a lot of things old school.

Well, as many of you know we went on a little road trip last weekend for some job interviews. It was a 6 hour drive not counting the stops. On Sunday we left to come home and 45 miles outside of town (a couple of hundred miles from home) our little guy started to throw up. Now I must fill in some back story and tell you that I had packed cloth diapers for him. If you don't know much about them, you have a diaper and then something called a cover. The cover keeps the wet in and the rest of the world out. Well... I forgot our covers. I spent all weekend bumming diapers off of our friends who were letting us stay at their house for three nights. I felt terrible, kinda like a mooch. Now back to the barf. When Bubbie threw up it took me a minute to remember that I had 10 clean prefolds and a giant wet bag. I was soooo grateful it worked out like that, I had something in the car that could easily clean up nastiness and then something to hold it smell free. Not only did our wet bag hold the barfy diapers it held the two outfits he yacked on as well. Let me tell you, it would have been a long winters day in the car if I hadn't forgot our diaper covers. I learned a lesson too. Remember to pack something in case your kid gets sick. Now I will have to add number 8 to my list... cloth diapers work for other bodily fluids. Sometimes we get blessings in the strangest ways.


Marci said...

I knew that you were using cloth diapers and I have a friend who just started using them with her
5th child and she loves them! I don't know that I am so brave. I remember washing out Mika's cloth diapers in the toilet when I was growing up.
Your mom just brought us the size 3 diapers that were left over from one of your visits and Garet is already wearing them so thanks!

Post said...

I love cloth diapers. Once you figure out a system, it's easy. Just part of your routine.