Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas...

 We have been getting ready for Christmas around here. I have been starting to come up with some fun things to do as family traditions and have also decided to make 5 new matching stockings for our growing family. One of the traditions we are going to try to do is build a gingerbread house every year. I even came to find out that all that yummy stuff needed to make them will never go to waste because daddy wants to eat the house with the kids after Christmas...yuck. I really want to bake the gingerbread at home and build our own designs but we have decided we will just use kits. Just for a few years until the kids can help. That works out great for us because they are faster (great for short attention spans) and smaller which is good for our small house. Lets just say that all Buster was interested in this year was getting parts of our house into his mouth. We had to really watch his little hands because they were super fast at grabbing candy and gingerbread and moving towards his mouth. He kept saying "that house looks mighty tasty."

We went and cut down our tree from a tree farm and were a little surprised at how expensive they are here. They are at least 20 dollars more here than back in Bellingham. It was a fun time, and we kind of had to do it because big brother kept talking about how we were going to go cut down a tree from our front yard. That is what we did last year, unfortunately for us we were all out of small pine trees this year so we went to a tree farm.

Here is my guy trying to smile in front of the tree. He is in that phase now were I say "smile" and he says "cheese" while making an awkward face. The tree we got is super sharp and prickly. We based our decision on size but also thought that the sharp needles would deter little hands from messing with it. I think the only hands it deters are mine. Both kids are not bothered by how much it hurts to try to touch it. Needless to say I went out to buy a few more packs of shatterproof bulbs because the glass ones I have seem like a bad idea for a few years. 

We love our sweetie too so I added a picture of her here doing one of her signature faces at the dinner table.

And last but not least some live action of the sillies. Daddy says brother has good beat.

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Marci said...

It's so fun to see your family growing! Good luck with your next little one. Hope everything goes smoothly!