Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This One's for Sweetie

 I am a little behind but wanted to post some birthday pictures of our little sweetie. She turned the big ONE just before Christmas. We had a small party for her and tried to make it a very special day

We decided to make it easy and had homemade pizza and cupcakes for dinner. I put up a few decorations and piled all her presents on a table in the living room. When I went shopping for the food I decided to pick up some fancy fruity soda in bottles. When her big brother took a drink of his he asked us if his drink had spikes in it.

She ate her pizza in her party seat like a champ. When she got to the cupcake we lit it up and sang to her. She tasted the frosting made a funny face and then didn't eat it. It was really silly. I guess she was just shocked by how sweet it was. I tried really hard to keep her away from sugar until her party. So her birthday cupcake was pretty much a first sweet for her.

She was pretty good at unwrapping her gifts. She got a lot of really nice presents. Many super cute clothes came her way which she was in need of. We got her a dolly and she also got a cradle from her Grandma. I was a little surprised at how much of a hit the doll was. She was in love with it and so was her big brother. We had to keep telling him that it was her little doll because he would take it away and play with it.

 It was a good party and we are so happy to have her in our family. Happy Birthday Little Girly!

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