Monday, December 26, 2016

And Autumn Came and Went and it Was Lovely...

We had so much fun. We walked almost every day and we went often to the community garden down the street. The kids loved picking plums and eating plums. We have been plugging away at school and it has been good so far. Teaching my boy how to knit has been easier than I expected and we have been loving playing the flute.

We were super buys but trying to be free. We have been working on making new friends and keeping the old. It reminds me of a verse we know and sing sometimes during morning circle, Make new friends and keep the old, for one is like silver the other gold.

We were so lucky to have Grandma and Papa come for Halloween and we had a great time. The weather held out and we found a neat section of town to go Trick-or Treating. The kids still kind of want to say "Chuck or Treat" and I let them as its still cute. We got invited to go to this big indoor Halloween festival instead of going out door to door. We went and walked inside. All I saw was a bunch of lines and felt this huge sense of dread. Oh NO I said and we turned around and went out into the night to find a neighborhood that was kid friendly. It makes me so sad that everyone is so scared to go out door to door anymore. We should not let fear rule our lives and for heavens sake, if you think your kids are going to get dangerous things in their bags from mean strangers be a PARENT and check their candy out before you let them have it. Oh, or you could try going out with them also, you know be present.

Anyway enough of a rant. In the fall we also celebrate a few other festivals that are so much fun. We celebrate Martinmas and its only a week and a half past Halloween. We decorate lanterns, try to do service, go out into the dark night for a lantern walk, and eat star shaped sugar cookies. We have done this for years as a family but this year we were lucky enough to get to meet up with friends to go on our lantern walk with. It was so much fun and I am so happy for our new budding community of like minded home school families.

Lastly we decided to have a Hobbit Thanksgiving. We didn't dress up or anything but wanted our table to look as wonderfully warm and yummy as Bilbo Baggins' table in the Hobbit when the dwarves come and eat all his food. It was so much fun to put together and made me realize that I really need to get a bigger table! Happy Fall!

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