Monday, December 26, 2016

A Christmas Tree Hunting

We went for the first time ever to the woods and cut down our tree. In all the years past we went to the tree farm but this year we changed it up. It helps that we now live 5 minutes from the woods and access is so much easier. The hardest part was figuring out where to go to buy the permit, and then where to go for chop-chop after that.

This year I decided that we would wait until after sometime in December to go get the tree because I am really going to try to leave it up until 3 Kings Day, or Epiphany. Normally we go out the Saturday after Thanksgiving and get the tree, but by the time New Years Day rolls around, either the tree is so dry and crispy or I am dying to clean up my house from Christmas. We have never made it to January first and always seem to clean it up to ring in the new year. Waiting a few weeks this year was hard as I really wanted to be in the Christmas mood but that is so much easier to do with the ambiance of the lights and scents of the fresh tree. I had gotten the rest of our decorations out the day after Thanksgiving but it made me sad this year as they didn't really work well in our rental. In our rental there is no mantle and the sills don't work for our candles.

Then like magic 3 days before we took our fabled drive into the woods previously unexplored by our family, it started to snow like crazy. The snow was awesome but it made the drive a little more difficult then my husband liked because we had to go up this snowy road on a hill without a guard rail. He handled it like a champ though. We even took our dog, who loved it and now thinks that every time we go out without her we are walking through the Forrest and have left her home.

The trees were all super skinny and when got the one we picked out put up inside I trimmed it  and my husband laughed at me because it was so narrow. It actually really worked out well though as we didn't have a lot of room in our living area for a giant tree. Its pretty charming if you ask me.

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