Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cabin Camping

We went camping in a cabin that we rented for a night. It almost didn't happen as I was sick and Hubby didn't want to go with me being sick. I decided I would rather have a good time and not feel well then feel like I missed out because I didn't feel well so I took a bunch of painkiller and packed the cooler an we took off.

It was a nice drive and it felt so good to get out and explore the country. It took about an hour from our house to get there. The directions online were not very clear and we were nervous that it would be hard to find or we would miss it as we were driving down the road. But then there it was and it was easy to see and super nice inside.

The kids loved it. We played by the river and explored the woods. The kids found a baby rattlesnake and we ate a ton of good food. We played board games all night and enjoyed hot water and a flushing toilet and a nice heater. I kept thinking while we were playing games that it was nice and shouldn't be just an activity we do when we are not at home.

No one slept well though as it was pitch black in there and the wind howled and the rain fell on the roof. Out in the woods like that the refrigerator and the clock on the wall were so loud all night long. Our youngest woke up in the night about 5 times and once it was because her big sister had disappeared and she couldn't find her in the bed they were sharing and it was so dark in their room. Turns out big sister had just fell out of the bed and was sleeping on the hardwood floor.

The weather was just perfect, cool and crisp but warm enough to want to take off a sweater when hiking. The forest was wet and dense with ferns and fungus and smelled of cedar. We loved this adventure and have plans to find the other cabins for rent in the area and check them out next summer.

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