Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Little Striped Man.

While I mostly want to do some catch up on projects and decorating, most of you want to see something else...While he is feeling a little under the weather I thought I would make good use of it and dress him in "relaxing" clothes that he doesn't get to wear much especially since it is getting cooler out. I love all the stripes and I do have to say that striped socks are some of my favorite things (thanks grandma!)
This almost captures how life is feeling for him right now, a little stuffy on top

and a little dizzy down low (as his walking legs are still a bit silly).

All in all a good sport even though he was ready for nap.


Marci said...

He looks so grown up in these pictures! I'm sorry that he isn't feeling well. We have a sicko at our house too right now. It is so sad when they just do feel good and they don't understand why.

Post said...

So, I love putting James in strips. They just look good. I love the socks.