Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recycling at its Best

Yesterday I came home from the grocery store and unloaded all of my items. I threw all of the bags on the kitchen floor and they kept catching my eye. I had a ton of them and I either had to throw them all away or do something with them. Normally I keep them and reuse them as lunch bags or garbage bags but lately I have started to use real garbage bags and they have been piling up in my laundry room. I hate throwing them away for some weird reason, even though I am not that into the "Green" movement. Well as I kept walking past them in my kitchen I kept thinking there was something beautiful about them and if I could only tap into what exactly it was I could do something with my excessive amount. I decided to make a wreath out of them.

It was fairly easy, I tied them all around a wire shaped into a circle. Then after they were all tied I gave it a hair cut. Snip Snip and about a half hour later, ta da.

If any of you have a bunch of unused grocery bags laying around I could help you make one too. I think It would be especially beautiful in white, or better yet that blue that Wall Mart used to use.

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