Thursday, February 18, 2016

Birthday Bonanza

On the heels of the New Year we have another birthday. This time it was the youngest turning 3. She is learning all about the birthday spirit from her older sister, who has been obsessed with her own birthday from the time she was 2. 

After all the Holiday extravaganzas we played it simple with some cupcakes. She requested them and normally I would have gone to the fancy cupcake shop down the street but I was feeling tired so I just bought some from the grocery store. 

The birthday table is always fascinating. This girl is going to be my gift spoiler for sure. She already knew what was in some of the presents because she went snooping in my room and found them early. She also snuck into some of them on the table and peeked into the wrapping. She just can't contain her excitement I guess. 

We went to Target to spend some gift cards that Auntie sent us. The girls were so excited to pick out what they wanted. They picked out these boats, which were not in the toy section but in the home decor section. At first I was happy, then surprised, then unsure as I didn't know if they would be safe for kids as toys. After a close inspection I decided that they were built well enough ans let them get them.

She wanted macaroni and cheese for her birthday but I was still in lazy mode after the Holidays so we just went out to a kid friendly restaurant and had fun. I didn't even offer her the party option as I just wanted it to be an easy birthday. She had a great time and got just what she wanted to eat. 

Cotton candy birthday fun. 

Back home for the most important part of the, cupcakes, and ice cream

I got her a dolly too. She needed a soft stuffed doll as her sister has two. 

Her special time before the cake. Her birthday story is the shortest as she is the youngest. 

It can get serious around here fast.

What a honey.

She got some wonderful gifts. 

We had a very happy 3rd birthday for our wild child. She is silly, spunky, animated, intense, loud, wiggly, and smart with an amazing memory. Happy Birthday to my littlest one!

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