Monday, February 15, 2016

New Years Boat Race

Every year we celebrate the new year by folding some origami boats and setting them free in the local river. We each pick a color and cheer our boats on as we follow them along the shore. We had a rough New Years day so we did our family activity a day late. The kids didn't know the difference. It was super cold out and the world was still a paradise of ice. 

After the race we went to warm up at a local book store. While we were there we got some hot chocolate from our favorite restaurant which is adjoining the bookstore. They sell the best hot chocolate in town. My youngest spilled hers in the book store on the information counter. Go figure, let there never be a dull moment. 

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Andrea Ashmore said...

Okay it makes me happy to read your blog, and see even a picture of you! But sad that I don't even know your girls.