Sunday, February 21, 2016

Winter Gardens

This is the back yard under the clothesline.

Over by the chicken coop. We got a new one can you tell?

By the back door.

This is middle of the back yard.

A view out front.

It always amazes me the contrast of summer and winter in my gardens. The snow is melting in these photos so I wanted to capture it before it was gone. It looks like a new and different world. I had a hard time identifying what some of these photos were of. I didn't clean it up much in the fall. We did the important stuff like leaves off the fruit trees, but I like to let most of the leaves from the maple trees gather around the perennials for extra winter protection. Normally we rake the front as there is a lot of leaves out there in the Autumn but the wind storm came and cleaned up our yard before it snowed. I can't believe that by the end of February we will be out working in yard moving dirt, building compost and getting ready to plant early spring greens. 

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