Friday, January 21, 2011


 I have been frantically sewing a quilt that I started in October. I have to finish it in anticipation of a potential move that we might be doing soon. My husbands job interviews went well and he has successfully completed  a background check and drug test and we are waiting for the final word.

 I started this quilt in anticipation of a move months ago. I actually am taking a quilting class from a lady in our ward. She will help me finish it by quilting it if I get it done. Since I knew that my time was always limited on this project (quilts sometimes take people years to finish), I did a really simple pattern to allow me to sew it faster. I used mostly sheets that I bought at the thrift store. I used some leftover fabric scraps from when I did my first sewing project, a crib set as well.

 Here it is taking up my whole living room. I wanted t make a queen but I have been sewing faster than the class meets and when I laid it out the first time it was too small. I almost had a heart attack because I really didn't want to sew more blocks for it. I ended up sewing a boarder around the edges and I really like it now.

Here are all of my blocks before I sewed them together. I am really fond of the soft yellows, creams and whites. Red used to be my favorite color, but now as I look around my home and see so much yellow I think my favorite color is changing. Besides yellow is the first color my little guy can say, hes been walking around for a week calling everything yellow

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