Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tis the Season for Pie

So on Sunday our little family went for an walk in the afternoon sun. We found a trail through some public fields and there were blackberry bushes everywhere. Needless to say I got a hankering to make pie. The funny thing is that I love to make pie. The fist summer I was married I swear I made a pie out of every fresh fruit possible. This is the funny part, I only like to eat one or two pieces, mostly i just like the process and beauty of pie making. I think it is the sculptural aspect. My poor husband probably gained all of his excess weight that summer eating all of those pies.I also always have a little bit of pie crust left over and I hate wasting food. So I made these little cutouts...Then I filled them with a dollop of homemade blackberry jam and pinched them up into cute little squares.After they cooked for 25 minutes we ate them up. Yum!


hermanfox said...

what a gorgeous pie! you are one betty crocker! welcome to blog land! i am so glad you invited me into the "inner circle" of your blog! after having easy access to pictures of jj, (pinned on a magnet on the fridge, folded into a picture frame by the calendar, framed in C's bathroom) I hope to see more pictures of that adorable little offspring of yours.

Corinna said...

Hey!! Welcome to blog land. You need to add me to your blog list. tcjperkes.blogspot.com . That pie looks very yummy I am jealous of you being able to pick blackberries.

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Yum! We too picked blackberries and I hoped to get a pie baked but my little one's ate too many and we didn't have enough for a pie!
Glad you are blogging now!