Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love pumpkins. Did you know that the early American settlers called them pompions. Every fall I start to dream about pumpkins in all different shapes, sizes and colors. One day I will have a large garden in which I will grow them in all different varieties. Some of my favorites are the cinderella, and the white ones. I want to cover my porches with them and have them piled in my house. I dream of all the things I could cook with them, pies, bread, pumpkin salad, pumpkin stew. Ahhhh if only...

My biggest problem is that I find that in stores and at local farms they are really expensive. I guess they are just expensive for me because I always buy way too many. This year I just cant go buy them like I usually do. I almost thought we weren't going to be able to get any, since they are an unessential expense.

Lucky for us where my husband works, they grow a large garden. They invited all the employees to come get a couple of pumpkins. We went yesterday and It was really fun. We walked out into the patch and I tried to get some pictures of Bubbie there but it was a little prickly and he didn't like it very much.

Instead I got to put him in this pile. It was really sunny so he wasn't so sure about it but It was cute.

We got four pumpkins, one for me, one for hubby, one little one for Bubbie, and one to cook. Happy Fall!

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