Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Love Affair With a Flower

I am a daydreamer and often I am daydreaming about flowers. I love them along with most anything else you can grow. My biggest problem has been that until now I have not had much space to grow what I want.

Years ago before I got married I hated roses. I saw them as a high maintenance plant that looked ugly and gangly. Sure I liked roses OK but not enough to value them over other flowers and my impression of the rose bush made me prefer other flowers.

Then after I had been married a while and had been clear about my opinion of the rose to my husband, I saw this image from an old Martha Stewart Mag. It rocked my world...

I didn't even know roses could look this romantic. Before I knew what had gotten a hold of me I found my self dreaming of a garden such as this. Then before my husband knew it, I was asking for for a rose bush for mothers day.

 In his confused state, due to me telling him I hated roses, he took me to a garden nursery and we picked out my Eden. I didn't have a garden yet but had faith that we would by the next planting season. It was small enough to safely live in its nursery pot and I made sure it survived the move.

Here is my dear little bush that I hope will someday grow up to resemble the fated photo that changed my view of one of the worlds most favorite flowers. I cant stop thinking about our new yard and am planning where to plant my Eden. One interesting thing to note is that I have found at least five rose bushes on our future property and one of them is a climber. It is going to be a glorious summer.


Jen S. said...

You can do it! I bet he was confused. I'm proud of him for supporting your change of heart. :) Yay for a patient man. :)

Annajean D. said...

Beautiful picture! May all your gardening dreams come true!

lissalynn said...

i had a similar relationship with roses until i noticed that eric always stops to smell any rose he passes. then i started to really notice the different smells they can bear. then one day i found a rose that was truly velvetty red and it was the most volumtiously sexy soft passionate plant i have ever encountered, and i was convinced, roses really are pretty great. good luck with eden, shes beautiful.