Thursday, February 9, 2012

Whats Goin On.

 We haven't been up too much around here except trying to get a certain little girl to sleep better and eat better. Her dad said that she is a little woman because she is so high maintenance.

 Ignore the hideous picture of me here. I am putting this up for my mom. It felt a little wierd getting someone to take our picture outside of the chapel on Sunday. I was rushed because of my calling in the primary. Baby girl is wearing my blessing gown and we got a lot of compliments on it.

 Today we managed to squeeze in a little art time. I told him that he was painting the perfect chocolate car. He then told me no its not a chocolate car its a painted car. If you cant tell it is a perfect brown.

I snagged this picture of little sis right as she was thinking of waking up. I was hoping for a more perfect sleeping angel face but eyebrows lifted will have to do.

 And of course a perfect crying face. We do see a lot of this one around here because she is a little bit picky about how she likes things. It sure is cute though.

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Jennifer Shigley said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for posting these. Not a super easy baby I take it? Poor mom, dad, and big bro!