Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Our House Looks Now

 Here is how our house looked when we bought it and moved in 20 months ago...almost 2 years ago. We have been working on what I call phase I. We have replaced our old oil tank furnace with a brand new natural gas furnace. We have also replaced an old ghetto electric panel that was on the outside of our house by the back door. It had aluminum insulators or something like that. Not only could anybody access it but it was also extremely flammable. At the same time we replaced some old knob and tube that ran outside to the garage as well as all of the garage wiring. I have been working on restoring our original wood double hung windows. I have four finished storm windows and am currently completing one of the kitchen windows. We also have plans to fix the big window in the front of the house next Saturday. We also have enlarged the back yard by bringing up the fence to the front of the house. Up to come is re-wiring the entire house as well as updating the plumbing and some more landscaping. Somewhere in all of this we are having another baby and need to find some room to have her live with us. This means we are going to have to try to finish part of the basement (which was supposed to be in phase II).  Hubby tells me its not phase one and that calling it that is stupid but I cant help it. Plus I think it makes it sound cooler than calling it what it    
really is...updates.

Here is what our house looked like at the begging of October. I started painting the hand railing before I found out I was pregnant back in early April. I was always bothered by how our address numbers were not visible from the street so I decided to paint the ugly screen door and add them underneath, nice and big.
You can also see that we have ripped out some ugly bushes and the nice new white fence along the front of the house. In the future we are hoping to have all of our trim and windows go back to its original white as well.

Here is a close up of our screen door. Sorry I don't have a picture. Just imagine it dingy and grey. As you can see someone around here always has her eyes out for mommy and I think it was her pet peeve that I would go outside with out her.


Marci said...

Way to go! It's looking great! You are so brave to take on a project like that!

Lydia said...

Looks great! So much fun to update.