Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Morning Project

 It has started to warm up outside and we have this one room in our house that was a finished from a sitting porch in the 70's. It was originally enclosed to be a place for the original homeowner to do his dialysis every day. When we bought the house it was all brown cheap paneling, and there was this weird hook up for a sink with only cold water. There was one aluminum window and an aluminum glass slider (a very poor design choice if you ask me). The window didn't open and the screen fell off the door shortly after we moved in. We have replaced the window with a new wood window that opens to get some air, but we can't agree on what to do about the door, so there it remains. This room has always had temperature problems, freezing cold in the winter and super hot in the summer. There is no duct-work from this room to our central air and furnace and it is completely sealed off from the rest of the house, as it used to be the exterior. We use it as a mud room even though we don't use the door. We tore down the rotting deck that the door led too a couple of summers ago. The temperature has been better managed since we added the new window, but the sun beats in that back door from noon until dusk and it heats up the room to at least 85 degrees on any sunny day. This in turn, heats up our house and we all know that it is nice to have a cooler house on warmer days. Especially our house since it is like a little brick oven. This last week I decided that enough was enough and I sewed up some curtains for the door to reflect some of that heat back out.

Yes my sewing room is my dining table. I wish I had a craft room, or better yet a studio, but sometimes we have to work with what we can.

I estimated this project to take me about an hour and I used a flat sheet that we used to use on our bed before the fitted sheet ripped last fall. I wasn't too upset as I had gotten them used when we were first married. So now this old sheet is getting used for the third time. I like to use things until they can't be used anymore.

This fun little project took me almost three hours to finish because I never take into account the time my kids seem to need from me when I am involved with something other than them. They can play for extended periods of time and not need me at all, but when I pick up a project they need me non-stop. My littlest one got her blanket out when I was rounding the corner and could see the finish line and started bouncing on her bum on the couch saying "nuggle me momma!" That means snuggle me in two year old speech. What did I do? I nuggled her of course. Oh and it took me so long because I no longer have an iron. Mine broke, again, at Christmas right in the middle of sewing Christmas presents at the fastest rate I could (that's the second time my iron died on me in the middle of trying to sew Christmas presents). Due to living in the modern era I can never remember to buy a new iron, or prioritize it since everyone always needs new shoes, or shampoo, or art and craft supplies. Nonetheless I found a way to get the curtains done and they work great at cutting the heat down and they look much nicer too, inside and out.

Oh and the sweetness of these kids when they want to be. I have been trying to sneak pictures of them on these moments. They can do such nice things together. I think they are pretending to read to each other. I hope someday when we have moved into a larger house that they will remember these times here. Days full of closeness, and simple things.

And yeah they are totally in their pajamas...

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I love seeing your backyard. You'll have to do a whole post on the progress. Your kids are so sweet.