Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Projects

So I have decided I have a happy spring garden. I am also pretty sure I like to have a lot of work to do all the time. I take care of my house, my yard, my kids, my animals (a dog and 5 chickens) cook and bake all my food from scratch, and home school my kids. None the less I seem to feel the need to create more garden projects every year. 

This picture is my front lawn. Last year I planted a fleur de lawn seed mix from here. I love the English daisies that grow in it. There is also a lot of clover that grows from the seed mix. We cut the clover sparingly and let it flower for the bees. Plus it makes our house look like an English cottage. I wish I could figure out how to get rid of the dandelions though. 

Grape vines make for a great late winter early spring project. It is not perfectly round but it was fun to make. It was also nice to have something to use the vines for instead of throwing them away.

This year I decided to over haul my back yard. I AM SICK OF MUD. As it turns out our back yard just got too much traffic from the kids and dog that it always turned into a giant mud pit in the winter and spring. Also we have some really odd drainage going on back there. If it snows it eventually melts and then it doesn't drain and I would get huge sheets of thick ice completely covering my lawn. It is so weird. So this year I was determined to fix it all. I am not done yet but it is coming along nicely. So far so good. Everyone loves it. I had my suspicions that it would be more fun but it is nice to see the kids liking the new set up. Even the dog gets more excited back there. She runs and runs and runs and we have concluded that she must see it as an obstacle course. In the end I have high hopes as we will convert our sprinkler system into drip.This summer the hot summer sun that beats down back there, with no shade, will get to do some use by giving garden plants energy instead of beating on a lawn no one wants to play on because it is too hot. The part that is the paths will eventually get gravel.

Its a lot of work but I love it and it is so fun to see a project come together. I think it is going to fill in and look amazing when I plant my garden seeds and starts. Just picture it full of herbs, veggies and flowers. Finally my dream garden.

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