Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Birthday For a Princess

We have a December birthday in our family. It is fun for her as it helps her know when it is here. When she asks when her birthday is going to be, we always say that it can't be her birthday until the Christmas tree is up. 

This year I tried my hand at making her a Waldorf doll as her main birthday gift. At first it went so well I found myself thinking "Hey I can make and sell these things." Then reality kicked in and it got tricky, tedious and time consuming. Now I have a new respect for the dolls I see where the maker is asking $250. I used to think that I could never afford that and how ridiculous that price tag was. Now I totally understand how a well made doll could cost that much money.

 My daughter named her Sofie and she has a crooked leg. I was concerned that my daughter wouldn't like her as she is not super big into doll play. Despite the flaws in my craftsmanship she was well received with an exclamation of joy. She really is a wonderful doll and when you hold her you can tell she was made with love. She has a nice warm weight to her even though she is not weighted.

She asked us if she could have an ice cream party. It was cold outside and the ground was covered with two feet of snow so we didn't know what to do about that at first. In the end what could we say but yes to her birthday request. So an ice cream sundae party it was. We filled the table full of ice cream sundae treats, let the kids all pick exactly what they wanted at 10 am in the morning. Then we had ice cream cake before noon. It turned out to be over the top and fun. 

The present table was quite exciting. 

Waiting in anticipation for ice cream sundaes.

Getting ready for ice cream cake.

Its hard to contain all that excitement.

Birthday stories, songs, and wishes. She got very serious.

Truly my little princess. She made sure she had princess hair too.

Then came the presents.

The presents were chaotic and glorious at the same time. 

After the party we had a quiet afternoon but then decided to go out to a family dinner where she picked the restaurant. That was not the best idea as she turned into a dragon full of bad attitude at the dinner table, and then didn't eat her dinner. I think she was coming down from all the sugar and was tired from all the fun of the day. We learned some important lessons as parents, the kids can either have a party or a restaurant, not both. Nonetheless we had a great birthday for our princess and we are so happy she is in our family. 

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