Friday, May 20, 2016

In Just a Few Days

In just a few days time everything can change. There has been heaps of new good news from all sides. We have been so busy around here cleaning up and preparing for the things that our summer is going to bring that I haven't had much time to take pictures lately, or sew. I have a bunch of things cut out waiting to get sewn together. I did accomplish a couple of flat sheets for my kids beds. Their papa made them a custom size twin bed to fit special in their old house bedroom that all three of them share. Since its custom its a bit tricky to find sheets for it. I have a couple of fitted sheets cut also, waiting and ready to go, but I am going to have to find the time. 

We did find some time last weekend to go to a Family Fair in our local city. It turned out to be pretty good. There were some free bouncy houses, princesses and a ton of games with great prizes. 

I have bought some garden starts and listed my chicken coop up for sale. I also have tried to start some new roses from my most beloved ones we planted here. I watched a bunch of videos online and for now just have them rooting in water. Roses are supposed to be super easy to root. Mostly I have been just admiring my garden. It has turned out so nice in the 5 years we have been here. I do love it so.  

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