Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye My Love

I think I have finally decided to sell some of my paintings. I have not been able to decide what to do with them since I really do find the colors and brushstrokes interesting and bueatiful. The problem is that I have so much of my own artwork that I just cant keep it all. Most of it I end up destroying out of the eventual dislike I grow for it from looking at it over time. I just don't really like most of what I create. The stuff I do like and keep I want to protect and the best way to do that is to hang it in my house. The one problem with that is that my house ends up looking like an Andrea shrine. I don't really like that so much. I would love to have more original art work from other people in my home. So the best way to do that is to sell some of the paintings I have made that I do like but don't need to keep. Here are the first I have decided to sell.

No. 1

They are all roughly the same size with variances from 20"-25" in height and range in length from 28"-30" with one large one at 36" long.






If anyone is interested in them leave me a comment and we can work out the details.


Little Barney Family said...

Andrea! I'm so glad you found our blog so that I can catch up on yours. I had no idea you even painted (Brock's not exactly good at telling me details about his family!! You know how men are!!) But anyways, your artwork is amazing, and I am super jealous of the cute little crafty things you have done.. like the vintage table. Ugh.. green with envy.. I wish I was that crafty. JJ is such a doll. Hopefully we can stay in touch a little more through our blogs so that when we see each other it doesn't feel like it's been so long!

Post said...

Number 2 and 5 are my favorite.