Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Catching Up

A few months back I was loosing my mind with all of the toys in our small living room. I decided to go to Goodwill and look for a basket or something to put the toys in. Until then I had been keeping them all in a metal wash basin and a metal pail. I had been looking for more wash basins for a long time but haven't seen any.

What I found at Goodwill was not what I had in mind but something about it had me very interested. I felt a little silly because I had just convinced one of my dearest friends to get rid of almost the exact same thing because the shape was awkward. Well when I saw this ugly box I almost couldn't get it because it would make me a super hypocrite. I called my mom and she was supportive, then I called my friend and told her what I had purchased and how bad I felt. Next I busted out my paint.

Do you see this thing. At first thought it is totally retro seventies but I saw through it and envisioned how pretty it could be when not distracted by the dark wood.

There it is complete, nice and white. I tried distressing it but ended up painting over it, deciding that I am not that much a fan of fake chippy paint. I painted the knobs white too since they had a nice silhouette. I am quite happy with our new toy box and my little bubie can just go right over, open the doors and play away. Who knows, maybe someday if we ever get out of this apartment, Ill have enough space to play with it some more an add some flirty legs and new knobs.

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Post said...

I do love it. I shouldn't tell you that I have this odd square space in my living room that something like this could fit in. I think yours is prefect.