Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We have been busy!

Do you remember my picture of crazy "slashed" up pillows. Thats what my husband called them. I was actually stuffing them. I decided that my old pillows that went with my futon didn't make me happy. So I made a few new ones and a few slipcovers for them and stuffed them with the stuffing I already had. That's why I used the feathers. I like the new ones much better.

We have been really busy around here. This time of year is always busy for us because it seems like we are always making most of our Christmas gifts. In November I do a ton of planning and budgeting and start to work on gifts. Then we have Thanksgiving and I am making a lot of pies and other yummy goodies. Then we decorate for Christmas and I am still working away on gifts. And on top of it I am still working on things around our home. Long story short, I have not been blogging very much. We are still alive and well. We had a really cold spell around here and Bubbie got to experience it for the first time. Last year he was too small to care. Lucky for us his bear suit still fit. Ha! I couldn't believe it. But after comparing photos I see how big it was last year. I think the size on it is wrong it says 6- 12 months but it still fits at 18.

This was Last December 2009.

This is this year 2010.

He wasn't so sure. It was cold and really windy. I think the wind went right through his fuzzy suit.

He has gotten really interested in shoes lately. He gets upset when we take his off. His dad left his wet fishy boots from work in the living room and the next thing I know he was playing with them. We decided to make the best of it and get a few pictures. Classic baby trying on a big pair of shoes gig.


Marci said...

The pillows turned out great! You have got one cute kid! Love the pictures!

Post said...

He is so cute. I love the pillows. Wow.