Friday, February 25, 2011


We have moved to a place that can have a real winter... that sounds funny but we used to live in western Washington and it was cold and green there. Everyone always said "oh it snows here," and it did but it never felt real to me. Usually it would snow and then a few hours later it would rain and melt away. Only once or twice in and 7 years that I lived there do I remember it snowing and sticking for more than two days.

 I don't really know what the weather patterns are like here yet but when we came for my husbands job interview there was snow on the ground the whole time. When we got here and unloaded the moving truck there was no snow and it was fairly warm, but that was just good luck. It has been a lot colder since we moved in and a couple of nights ago it started to snow. I love snow. I always have, I get that from my dad I guess. It was fun knowing that it wasn't going to rain and melt away soon.

 I went out and got Bubbie some snow clothes because my husband was working from home and we needed to leave him alone for a while. I was really excited to let him play in the back yard (Yeah we have a yard now!).

We got all geared up and went out in the super cold air and tried to play for a while. Bubbie didn't know what to do. Mostly it was just his big goofy parents running around in the snow.

It was not quite as fun and I imagined, but we will do it again. Maybe today we will make a snowman. Oh and the best chocolate!


Annajean D. said...

Hooray for you! Glad to see you're doing well! I've heard that Spokane has weather patterns similar to Northern Utah, with all for seasons and cold winters with hot summers. I guess you will soon find out!!!! I hope you are enjoying your new home!

Annajean D. said...

P.S. I hope you post pictures of your new house when you get the chance.

Corinna said...

Andrea you must show some pictures of you new digs. Love the Wolverine impression.

Jen Shigley said...

I didn't get an email saying you posted otherwise I would have replied sooner! This is SO cute!!! :) I'm so glad it's pretty there. I want to see your home! :)