Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Digs...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while we have been really busy setting up shop in our new residence. I wanted to show you all what our new home looks like even though I think it is going to be short lived. We decided to rent from a homsitting service and the rent is really good and there is not a lease, leaving us the option to leave at any time if we buy our own home. The flip side is that the houses that get sat are either snowbird houses or houses on the market and they can sell at anytime. After a few conversations with our landlady in which she told us we could be in this house for quite a while, there has suddenly been a change and we are now having to prepare to move again because it is getting given back to the bank.

So without further ado..

This is my favorite view, I love looking into the dinning room especially when there are flowers. Look closely, I had a helper in quite a few of these shots.

Our little guys room, he can now say "room." I love that it has less furnature because we have more space to spread out. Now it is just his stuff.

Master bed room, sorry it is a little dark, there is no overhead light in there.

And the kitchen, it is much bigger than our last house but quite different because we don't have a dishwasher here. I almost think I like it because I notice myself cleaning the sink more.

The crazy bathroom that scared everyone when we first got here. It had a pretty nasty shower curtain and was quite dirty. After some white accessories and a good scrubbing it is not half bad. A funny thing is that we eventually discovered that the "tile" on the walls are individual plastic tiles, totally weird.

And our lovely living room. All in all it is a good house. We also have a super creepy basement and a two car garage that is filled with boxes. I was going to move most of them into the basement so we could park in there but I am surely not doing that if we are moving in a month.Stay tuned to see our next living space and forgive me if there aren't very many posts for a while. If anyone wants to come help me re-box everything just come on over.

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