Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Past Spring

Now that it is Summer I thought I would get some of my favorite pictures from spring up to share with you. As always summer brings busy times for me with all of the projects, gardening and two kids that are around here.

 This little sweetie just loves her daddy. She always has a smile for him and is currently practicing saying Da Da Da. He makes her laugh and I can tell they are going to have a special relationship.

 We got Chicks back in March and they were really fun to have and watch grow up. Big brother just thought they were so much fun and was always trying to grab them and get them all excited.

I thought the chicks were pretty neat too. I have wanted to get some for a really long time and we kind of bought them on a whim. It wasn't really in the plan for the year but it was a fun impulse buy. Later this summer I plan on posting about our garden and I am planning on including pictures of the chicken coop that hubby built for our little ladies.

 Grandma came for Easter and it was really exciting to have her around. Let me tell you she was really good at just reaching into our roosting box and grabbing chicks for the little mister to hold.

And of course it wouldn't have been springtime with out some rainboots and some puddle stomping. Of course he just prefered to create is own puddles with the garden sprinkler. That was fine with me because I didn't really want to take him out in the actual rain anyway.

We are getting ready to go on a big trip so I wont be posting for a little while but when I get back I am hoping to share some fun stories and some big news! Have a Happy 4th of July!


Post said...

good picture of the puddle. Looks fun. The chicks are so cool. I know my kids would love some too.

Marci said...

I heard you big news! Congratulations! I want to see pics of your chickens and coop! We are thinking about having that adventure here!