Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our little Girl.

Here is our little sweetie. Now that she is one I thought I would tell you a few things about her...

She is walking and has been since the night before her birthday,

She is getting pickier about her foods.

She loves to snuggle blankets.

She is starting to work on her language skills, copying words we say to the best of her ability.

She loves to try to put things on as if they were clothes, always around her neck and whatever she can drape around herself.

She loves the coat her Grandma sent her for her birthday and if it gets left out she insists on wearing it.

She wants to do what her brother does and play with what he is playing with.

She really likes  to play music.

She is starting to be interested in books. She brings them to me and we read them. Her favorites right now are Richard Scarry's Boats, My Very Fist Book of Colors by Eric Carle, and Sesame Street's Bubbles Bubbles.

She likes to play and is very good at independent play.

She still really likes to play ball.

She has four teeth.

She gives kisses and hugs.

She has taken to stuffed animals and likes to hear their animal sounds and get kisses from them.

She growls when she sees a dinosaur.

She has crazy mad scientist hair that stands up and is whispy.

She is getting better at naps.

She is generally happy and easy.

She loves to snuggle, and that is one of the reasons we call her sweetie.

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