Friday, May 3, 2013

A little pause

Well it seems I have been a little absent from my blog lately. So sorry about that. All I can say is that things are CRAZY around here. I spin around in a whirlwind all day long and it feels I don't even get to breathe until I finally sit down after all is done and well at 9 o clock at night. Last time I blogged to show off our new baby bean the camera did something weird  I lost all of the best pictures I took of her first few hours and days of life in the big world. Needless to say since then I have not been looking forward to plugging in my camera to see just how bad the damage is to my memory card and that has made me unmotivated to blog. Nervous much you might ask.

But truth be told I am loving life right now. The weather is just perfect and I have always loved being busy as a bee. I have energy again and the evidence of pregnancy is slowly melting off of my body. I probably will never be like I was before I had 3 kids in 4 years but it sure is nice to move and garden and clean with ease again.

Here are a few of the things that I am up to and loving right now with my life and three very small

We have started to get a weekly delivery of organic fruits and veggies right to our front door.
My flowers are starting to grow and bloom.
I have the best neighbors in the whole wide world.
I am loving the supremely soft head of my three month old baby girl.
I am trying to encourage imaginative play as much as possible around here.
I love that my oldest two are starting to really love to play outside for long stretches of time.
We are trying to avoid processed sugar at home...that means I have had to change the ways cook a bit.
We are getting our windows and trim painted on our house and let me tell you it looks Aaamazzing!
I have zapped the TV and we are trying to be screen free as much as possible.
I am loving the giggles my oldest two have when they play and are being nice to each other.
My middle child is super silly and sweet all wrapped up into one cuddly bundle of exploration.
I am loving how my middle child gives so many kisses to so many things.
I am loving how my middle child loves her daddy.
My boy is growing so fast and is starting to display quite a knack for memorization.
I am starting to look into schools in our area and how I want my children to be educated.
I am loving our daily walks around a hum drum loop of houses and yards in our neighborhood.
I love how my baby girl is starting to regulate her sleeping. Afternoon naps are the best.
We just got a new vehicle that can accommodate our family way better than our little car.
I just bought 5 cubic yards of compost and hauled it all around my garden and yard and still don't have enough.
I love our little daily routine of walks and then lunch and then singing, story, poem time followed by quite time or nap time depending on the kid.

Hopefully this little post has been my block breaker and I will start to keep up better again. I do have much to share such as before and after pictures of our house and garden as well as some really awesome paint that we have been using around here on our windows and trim. Oh and there are also plenty of pictures of our family that I should show you too.
I could go on but feel that is enough for now. It is nice to be happy and busy.

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