Sunday, January 17, 2016

May Day

I love spring there is so much hope in the bright fresh season. We had a fun time gathering flowers from our garden and making cookies for our May baskets. It sure was hard to sneak them onto our sweet neighbors porches with so much giggling and snickering. 

I told the kiddos stories about how when I was a little girl I would often make baskets for my neighbors, who happened to be my great aunt and great uncle. I remember thinking of them and gathering them flowers and thinking I was so sneaky when I put it on their porch and rang the bell, running off as fast as I could. 

Now days it doesn't seem like this generous celebration of spring is remembered by many. Our neighbors knew right away that it was my kids that left behind the baskets filled with flowers and cookies. I hope to instill in them some of the same kinds of wonderful memories I had as a small child. Happy May Day!

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