Friday, January 22, 2016

Summer Fun, Family, and Portriats

My kids crack me up. They love to take pictures. My youngest really cracks me up with all of her goofy expressions. 

We went to some weddings in August. My middle child who is my princess thought she was getting married. Here she is in her "wedding dress". Which was just a pretty dress Grandma bought for her to wear to the actual wedding.  After the event was over she pointed out that she hadn't gotten married yet in a tone of concern.

Traveling is hard work.

We got a fun sled from Great Grandpa.

Second cousins. That's all my kids have for now, so we will take what we can get.


More weddings and second cousins. We wish we could see them more because they are so much fun.

More people we love. We wish we could see them more often too. Happy summer travels!

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