Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February is for Love

We had a love filled season. We made decorations, almost 170 valentines, and special mail boxes. 

It is fun to celebrate the love we have for each other. Having kids really does make this holiday special. 

Every one worked hard for over a week.

It was fun for mom to see so much determination.

We honed our heart making skills,

and used up a ton of glue sticks.

We even made special cards for dad.

I made simple felt garlands. Thank you Pinterest.

I also made a heart mobile. I just love crafting with paper.

I felt so smart when I decided to run the hearts through my sewing machine instead of hand stringing them.

My husband discovered that I had used my machine for paper and was surprised.

All this work makes us hungry.

I still have the hardest time getting clear photos of my youngest. I wonder if she will ever hold still as she grows. Also as I sit an type this I am thinking about all the pictures that I have of us eating or working around our table. I am so happy we have it. It really is the center of our home. We send our love to all of you, Happy Valentines day.

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Andrea Ashmore said...

Your kids are so cute. I love little man's hair. And I loved reading this because I made heart garland too this year. We really are soul sisters.