Monday, March 14, 2016

The Last Few Weeks of Winter

March is for playing indoors while it rains or is windy outside. We often look out the window and think it looks nice then go out to find it is still quite chilly. 

Right now, once a month we paint. I think we really could do it more, and next year when my oldest gets to be in first grade we will try to do it once a week. For now though, this is about all I can muster.

It is a fun activity that lasts about 10 minutes and I spend 3 times that cleaning and setting up.

We are just experiencing color on paper. I have to remind them to wash their brushes before they dip in color. I feel productive when we complete this activity.

We have all these fun toys. In my head they seem super useful and beautiful. I made these gauze sheets for them to use for tents a couple of years ago and they often forget they have them. 

Sometimes I think that I should pass them on to other kids who would use them. Then my kids pull them out and surprise me by setting them up and really making a day of it. I thought this was fun as they really got into the house play in their fort. 

And yes my boy is still in his jammies. Sometimes its not worth fighting him. I guess he just likes his comfort. 

Cozy late winter days. 

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