Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Madness

March is flying by. We have been so busy. Winter has been hiding for a few weeks now and spring has been heading our way. It always gets to be more fun on our nature table when spring comes, there is just so much more to find and we are outside more so the kids bring all sorts of stuff in to pu on it. 

I had a birthday and made my own birthday cake. I choose German Chocolate. I had to make it gluten free and I choose to make it sugar free too. It turned out super good. I also got a hair cut for my birthday I have been loving how easy it is to take care of. I basically get out of bed and fluff it and go on my way.

We are trying to be more crafty. I am always crafty but I am trying to be more relaxed and let my kids help. Things like needles make me nervous when it comes to 3 and 4 year olds. It gets hard when my boy who is capable of doing more "dangerous" crafts wants to make something and then the girls want to do the exact same thing. I have to get creative or deal with a lot of crying. 

We made these little dolls for a friend who was turning 3. They were fun but they were also a lot of work. We really enjoyed making them and learning from them. My kids couldn't keep their hands off of them. Now I know something to make for them this next Christmas! I am going to be busy this next week trying to finish up our Easter crafts and gifts. It feels a bit like a race when Easter is in March. March madness I guess, good thing its Spring break for us this week. 

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