Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sew and So

I have been bitten by a sewing bug. I found out Hancock fabrics was going out of business and went and bought a bunch of fabric and patterns. I have also found the world of vintage patterns on Etsy. the other day I took my kids to the dentist and then afterwards I dragged them to the closest thrift store and found a bunch of patterns for 25 cents each. It felt like a jackpot because they were also vintage and complete and I didn't have to pay shipping for them online. Needless to say my housework has been falling behind because I have become determined to sew all of my girls clothes. There is such a rush when I complete a project and then see them in it. They always make the patterns look cuter than the pictures on the packaging. Now I want a fabric collection, they call it a stash. I don't have room for a stash but I want it to be filled with pretty patterns and florals, dainty prints that are pretty and sweet.  I have all these plans. Plans for things I have always wanted to do, like sew them pretty things and then use the scraps for pretty quilts. I figured that if I don't start sewing the clothes now I never will because they are still so small that its easy. Most of the time the shirts or dresses or pinafores only take one yard of fabric each, but dang fabric can be so expensive. Recently I found a stash of fabric at yet another thrift store and now that place is going to be one of my most visited stores because I will want to see if there is anything I like there since thrift stores can change so fast. They had bins and bins of rolls of fabric. I din't buy any though because I don't want to just buy it to buy it, I want to love the print. .Sometimes I look for sheets and the other day I found one set of white that is nice and sturdy that I can sew some shirts and night gowns out of. I might dye it because dyeing is so much fun. The best part is that my kids are always so receptive and sweet when I make them things. They get so excited and happy. There has been a lot of jumping for joy around here from them lately.


Tracy said...

How exciting! I have a small stash of fabric. I tried sewing when Milo (who is almost 8) was a baby....I lost my drive when I had Penny. Now I don't know what to do with all my fabric. I'd give it to you!

Andrea said...

I would love gifted fabric! That is so sweet :)