Thursday, August 18, 2016

Right Before We Moved

I had been very sad to move when it was all said and done. I had some days where I couldn't believe that we sold our house and although I knew it was too small for us I was mourning the change as I knew it was a beautiful old house. I was sad I was giving it up and it was hard because until the last moment I didn't even know where I was moving too.

We waited and waited for the squatters to leave the house we had lined up to rent. I still hadn't seen the inside. It was hard because rent is very inflated right now and everything is super expensive. We could have found something different if we wanted to pay twice as much for half the square footage and so we kept hanging on. The Sheriffs department was going slow and the property management company knew nothing and couldn't tell us anything. Then forty eight hours before we had to move they were finally evicted. But the bad news kept coming as the house was trashed beyond expectation. They property management company told us we could come help clean out the mess to make things go faster and so the day before we were supposed to be out of our house we headed out to get dirty and clean up our rental house. When we got there no one was around and so we went out to eat. While we were eating we got the phone call that the house was not fit for habitation. We didn't really know why and they still would not tell us much about it but they had something different that they thought would fit our needs. So we spent a good portion of the day finding the new house and checking it out. It was emotionally relieving to finally have somewhere to live that we knew what it looked like on the inside. We agreed to rent it as the price was right and the neighborhood was nice.

Long story short, I didn't expect to spend the last day before we moved away from home instead of packing. The following morning I had to go back over to the property management company and do a walk through and sign the lease. It took 3 hours. With the time it took to drive there and back I was gone much longer than anticipated and by the time I got back to our little old house it was empty and the truck was loaded. Many of my friends showed up and did all the work of packing the last few things and cleaning. When I walked in the door I was hit with overwhelming sadness as I didn't get to go through the steps of finishing packing and loading the truck. I get so attached to where I live. I was crying and it was very hard.

In the end it all worked out. Our new place, while not as beautiful as our last is bigger and we fit better. It is quieter in the morning and evening and there are more bedrooms. We have a few things to do that I wish we didn't such as putting up some fence in the back yard but the rent is just right. We should be able to save some money while we live here and it feels so good to be out of debt. Our little old house had so much work that needed done, and we were always under pressure to afford it. It feels so nice to just have something I don't have to worry about. We are almost done unpacking and I have some flowers to plant. I am looking forward to getting to know the new city we live in. Now that we are here I feel better and we are happy.

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