Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fish Lake

We have spent many fun days at Fish Lake this Summer. We didn't know it was our favorite place until the year we had to move away. Lucky for us it is still close enough to get to if we can't find a new place closer to our new house, we can still go back.

Frogs, Tadpoles, Minnows, Bluegill, Crawdad you name it the kids tried to catch it. Most of the time they were successful. One day my boy caught a fish with his bare hands. Another time they played with a frog for hours while I sat on the beach with a friend and froze in the drizzling rain. Again there were water snakes found in the hands of one lucky boy.

This lake inspired my son to go fishing. On his first cast with his new pole he caught a fish. While walking off the fishing dock we could see a huge tadpole sunning itself on a rock just under the surface.

We found a rope swing but never used it. It looked like a popular place for the college kids to hang out. We love places like this where we can be close to nature and the kids can explore, learn and just be kids.

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