Friday, September 23, 2016

The City By The Lake

So its pretty here. We are finally venturing out and trying to find our new places. The kids requested a hike and so I drug the whole family even though hubby was still feeling a little sick from his month long bout with bronchitis or what ever it was. He wasn't super thrilled but it felt so nice for the rest of us who had been spending weeks on end in the house unpacking and planning and playing. My boy who is 7 now, is so immersed in dress up play. He goes out shopping with me and finds the costume racks in the stores but most of the time the biggest they have is 5-6. I have to tell his sweet heart that they don't have any his size. I guess most kids his age don't want to go around all dressed up but he still does and it melts me. When we went out hiking he was all gung ho about cowboys and wild west.

I thought I would take the car more now that we are only 4 minutes away from work. Turns out that I am in my groove and we still really don't need it. I would much rather have a solid rhythm to our week. For the past couple years that has been staying home 4 days and having an outing on the 5 during the workweek. Now that just translates to 4 days for school and 1 day for play. Its been a little crazy though as now that we are actually doing home school instead of non academic kindergarten I feel the weight of it a bit more and have been taking it more serious than I ever have before. That means that by the time we get to day 5 which is off and supposed to be for outings I have tons of housework to do and we have been home that day as well as I am trying to catch up.

I really like downtown here and I still haven't gotten out to explore it as a local. We used to drive over from our old city and play for a few hours once or twice a year but it feels different now. It feels more like I need to have a better understanding of the heart of the town, as it is my home now. I feel all lost inside and confused without an intimate understanding of the cute quaint shops and delicious restaurants that line the avenue. Now that it is getting into Autumn the crowds seem to be letting up and so one of these crisp days I will have to go and walk around.

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