Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The County Fair

For the first time ever we went to the county fair. It was a few weeks ago in the dry hot heat of August. Sure it is a new county for us, but it was still quite a big fair. We saw kangaroos and a circus show. We tried to see a European puppet show but the lady who did it put her last show on a half hour early and we missed it. I was a little bummed about that. I spent so much money on food and got only about 3 bites. We had hot dogs, and pulled pork, and elephant ears, and lemonades, and ice cream, and giant corn dogs. Yeah, that's right all that food and I got about 3 bites. These kids are vultures when it comes to fair food. We touched a lot of animals and walked around in the heat a lot. When we were in the cow and pig barn my youngest complained the whole time while lifting her shirt to cover her nose and mouth because it was a little smelly. She really "showed her belly out" as my middle child would say. The kids had a lot more stamina than I expected and we were all glad we went. At the end of the day while we were waiting for the puppet show we went and got on the train that goes around the whole fair. Well it turns out that the train was headed over to be in the daily parade. So instead of watching the parade we were in it! The kids thought it was great and the girls waved like princesses. They also got the best view and the most high fives from the stilt walkers out of anyone else there that day.

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